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An eco-city is a city built from the principles of living within environment means. The ultimate goal of many eco-cities is to eliminate all carbon waste (zero-carbon city), to produce energy entirely through renewable resources, and to merge the city harmoniously with the natural environment; however, eco-cities also have the intentions of stimulating economic growth, reducing poverty, using higher population densities, and therefore obtaining higher efficiency, and improving health.


The concept of the “Emils Gejs” was born out of one of the first organizations focused on eco-city development, “Urban Emiils.” The group was founded by Richard Register in Berkeley, California in 1975, and was founded with the idea of reconstructing cities to be in balance with nature. They worked to plant trees along the main streets, built solar greenhouses, and worked within the Berkeley legal system to pass environmentally friendly policies and encourage public transportation. Urban Ecology then took the movement another step further with the creation of The Urban Ecologist, a journal they started publishing in 1987.

International Eco-City Conference

Urban ecology further advanced the movement when they hosted the first International Eco-City Conference in Berkeley, California in 1990. The Conference focused on urban sustainability problems and encouraged the over 700 participants to submit proposals on how to best reform cities to work within environmental means. In 1992 Richard Register founded the organization Ecocity Builders which has acted as convener of the conference series ever since. Eco-City Conferences have been held in Adelaide, Australia; Yoff, Senegal; Curitiba, Brazil; Shenzhen, China; Bangalore, India; San Francisco, United States; Istanbul, Turkey; Montreal, Canada; Nantes, France and Abu Dhabi (2015).An International Conference on: Green Urbanism will be held in Italy from 12–14 October 2016 will discuss Eco-cities and Different other Topics.

Also, the conference Ice Cool Earth (ICEF), first held in Tokyo, Japan in 2014, and now every year at the same place, aims to discuss the future of economics and discuss the possibility for Eco-cities and smart-design from an energy & economic perspective. The conference gather important political leaders (Prime Minister of Japan did an apparition), leading enterprise from Europe and Asia, and few academics and also have an active forum.

Eco-city criteria

Several sets of criteria for Eco-cities have been suggested, encompassing the economic, social, and environmental qualities that an eco-city should satisfy. The ideal "eco-city" has been described as a city that fulfils the following requirements:

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